Green Box 1 Month Subscription


Our weekly full box of greens includes 9 live plants. This subscription is for 4 weekly boxes. Half box also available.

If you are a first time subscriber, please choose First time Box.  This will cover the cost of 2 sterilite boxes.  You will bring one the first one, bring it back the next week to switch with the other.

Use the continued Subscription for all following months.



Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food!

Our weekly Box of Greens includes 9 live plants. This subscription is for 4 weekly boxes.

Our greens are harvested day of delivery and arrive fully alive with the root system intact.

We will provide you a wide variety flavors throughout your subscription. Each week will have a new combination of leafy greens. (You can also add a Pound of Peixoto Whole Coffee Beans to your order – contact Pete Deeley at 602-717-7458). Soon we will have spices and seasonal root vegetables.

We use an aeroponic growing system that uses 90% less soil and water than traditional methods with zero pesticides or insecticides.

Additional information

1. Monthly Subscription Green Box

First Time Full Box, First Time Half Box, Continued Full Box, Continued Half Box

2. Add Farm Fresh Eggs To Your Subscription

No Eggs, 1 Dozen each week, 2 Dozen each week, 3 Dozen each week, 4 Dozen each week

Pick Up Information

Maggie Garvin’s Office Wednesdays 10 AM to 3 PM

On Being Well

3160 S. Gilbert Rd., Suite 5

Chandler, AZ 85286

Learn About your Greens

Future Space for nutrition content and flavor profiles


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